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Ethan, the author, yes, his name is Ethan.

Ethan has tried his luck at wecomics many times before. He had many interesting ideas, and partial funniness.

1st attempt

The farthest back known attempt happened when he decided to put a comic he drew for his freinds in a digital form. He posted it on the CRTL-ALT-DEL forums. They didn't like it. At all.

2nd Attempt

His second attempt was a weird super-hero called Goggleman. Not to be confused with "Googleman". This comic had a short run of only 6 comics, but he enjoyed making them anyway.

3rd Attempt

Bob and Larry. Probably one of Ethan's favorites comics were Bob and Larry. It was about two gamers which made by using (in the beginning) taking screenshots of Sims2 body shop of made characters (with awesome t-shirts) and having them be videogame lovers. Later on (for about 2 comics) Ethan took them and put them in a house in Sims2.

4th Attempt

A very short lived comic series called "Ethan's World" where it had me talking to my computer. It was hand-drawn.

5th attempt

Halo:Combat Stupid. What we have now, but with Ethan's nack to quit comics, how long will it last?